Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dreads are beautiful

Sunday, 4 September 2011


 On 25th September ‘The Kay Team’ - Sim, Gina, Elle and Cyn will be running Nike’s 13 mile Half Marathon – kicking off from the O2 centre in Greenwich. We are taking part in the run on behalf of the Muscular Dystrophy Trust, not only to highlight this muscle wasting condition but also to highlight the importance of taking responsibly for your health and those of your loved ones. Particularly in ensuring you fully understand the impact of medical decisions even routine things like aesthetics. A lesson painfully learnt after losing someone very special to us. September the 8th marks the date gilbert KAHLIF Mayers Pennant passed away. find out more about our campaign or follow the action, join us on twitter or become our friend on facebook.
Thanks for your support

Dig deep, give loose pocket change, send us suggestions, love, support and motivation (we’re going to need it) but above all spread the word and help us reach our £1000 target.

You can make a Donation here

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Orange,Gold and Brown

Hello Lovely People, hope all is well?. 
Today I was feeling the orange vibe. I really enjoy wearing orange I feel it compliment my skin tone, also it adds a little pop of colour to a simply comfy outfit.  

Orange Top- Primark 
Jean boyfriend Shorts - H&M

Brown satchel bag- Primark
Love this bag the only big downer with Primark the bags never last
I suppose you get what you pay for

The accessories of the day 
 Chunky wooden bangle - H&M
Gold bangle- Primark
Wooden necklace- H&M
Gold and wooden ear-rings- Primark
Gold ring- Primark

To finish off the outfit...

Check out my next blog post on where I got this nail polish from. 
hope you guys like?
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Monday, 20 June 2011

A Lazy Day!!

  Just chilling listening to some music
wanted to share 
Loving this tune, listen to the words!!

I am not my hair.. I will be going natural (locs) in September waiting for the perm to grow out!!

Love my chocolate !!

 feel good tune!! get dancing :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Whats in your make up bag at the mo?

Most women have a range of beauty products, although I must be honest I'm not a avid makeup wearer I do go though times where I would wear make up everyday to cant be arsed and not wear any make up at all.  Throughout the months and years  I have collected lots of make up and beauty products..  I have whittled my down to my top 6 makeup products .What is your favorite make up products that you just cant live without.?? well what you cant live without at the moment ,would love to know....

Love love this is so natural Mac Tinted moisturiser- in deep dark
Mac mineralize skin finish natural- in Dark
Mac studio finish concealer- in Nw45
Maybelline- the colossal Volume express mascara
Rimel eyeliner in black
Relvon- lipstick pink pout matte finish
  lip gloss- not sure. I think from Beauty rush from Victoria secret. sorry :(
brought this recently such a nice colour. it is matte so use a little  with a lip liner to tone it down a bit and a lipgloss  on top and then your  good to go...

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Hello lovely people.. So I was in Primark yet again.  I was standing in the queue waiting to pay, the queues are the longest queues ever !!, I recommend you bring a book to read while you wait, well at least to distract you from any more temptations .They have little bits and bobs for you to look (well for you to get tempted for you to possibly buy more while you wait).. bit like the sweets at the till to temp the little kids at the supermarkets, actually I think they even have sweets at the till at primark too.. lol 
Anyway so I notice some nail polishes I was in two minds  weather to buy this or not as Primark is cheap and cheerful  the quality of things are good but not that good  especially as I am a manicurist I pretty know what I would go for with regards to the quality of nail polishes ,I collect polishes so I thought I give this polish a try, plus I really like the colour. I say convincing myself the reason to spent more..

I think they retailed between £2-£2.50

Applied Wednesday 8/06/2011

To my surprise I am quite shocked at the quality not  bad at all.  I was quite naughty as I just wanted to test the colour first, but then ended up painting all my nails I didn't put a base or top coat on. naughty me lol.  I applied 2 coats on  Wednesday the 8.06.11 and today is saturday 11.06.11 only a few chips which is pretty good,Better than some high end nail polishes I have brought in the past.

Imagine  if I did put a base and top coat on. I believe it could last a lot more longer..

I think this is a really nice colour  you could get away with this in the summer
 Saturday 11/06/11

        Just a few chips
Defiantly would buy a few more
*Please remember to always put a base coat on  to prevent staining on the nail plate and  a top coat to seal in polish to last longer..*

 Have you tried Primark nail polishes.. if so let me know what y'all think??

Monday, 6 June 2011


Hi guys hope all is well?

AOTD (Accessories of the day)

Big black stoned ring -Primark,
small black stoned ring -freedom at Topshop,
  snake ring -Primark

Gold and pearl necklace- forever 21,
Wooden animal print bangle-New look
Black wooden bangle -New look, 
Gold bangle, -Primark


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with any products mentioned, shown or used threw out . All products that I may have mentioned were bought by myself All comments and statements are of my OWN and are in no way intended to offend any persons or company, This blog was done for the enjoyment and educational purposes